Ideas For Marketing Your Interior Design Business

Regardless of whether you are an interior designer who loves modern designs or someone who loves the traditional style of designing a home, it is important the clients you get understand your expertise and you get more business. Not only local audience, your business should attract national and international audience as well. There are so many interior design companies in Doha that offer their services to customers. How you stand apart from and distinguish yourself from others define the unique client base you would have. There are certain steps that one can follow to improve their clientele. Check out for tips

Get Your Business Online
There are so many options that allow you to post advertisements and promotion for free. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are very helpful to attract more clients. There are so many pages on these platforms that promote specific areas of interest. One of the pages called Houzz has many posts about interior design and also features designers. There are so many followers who look for interior designers from these pages. One can post photographs of their work and this will act as a gateway to attract customers. It is estimated that more than 70% of homeowners look to renovate their home and about 40% of them are considering building new homes. This is a huge client base that can be targeted by connecting with them on a personal level. Since it is also easy to use, there is no need to be an expert in using computers or the internet to get going.

Target Audiences Through Advertisements
Other options are Google Ads that help in reaching clients. One of the main advantages of using google ads is that it sends location based advertisements. Advertisements reaching the right local audience help in marketing your business better. Many interior designers also provide online interior design consultations via Skype or other facilities. Google Ads is an inexpensive option to play ads on the web page that the user is viewing. One can also choose to play the advertisements to outstations audiences also so that they get an opportunity to travel to different locations. The only pre-requisite is that a Google Ad expert has to be hired in order to do this for you. If you are tech savvy and you are aware of doing this yourself, you could save the extra bucks.

Exhibit Your Expertise
Whether you are into the interior design of residential, commercial or office spaces or offer consultation online, it is important to establish your expertise so that customers believe that you are a good designer. Some options could be writing a blog post about tips for interior designing. This is one of the best methods to connect with potential customers and attract a large client base. Attending conferences, community fairs is also another option to widen your business. Partnering with one of the local interior design stores is also a good option for promoting your designs. These are the perfect choices for getting a broad client base without spending lots of money. You can also tie up with stores across the country so that you can reach a national level audience.

Understand The Power Of Reviews
To buy any items, these days’ people read reviews and decide on whether to buy it or not. Therefore, you can use the same reviews from your customers on the social media pages for attracting more customers. You can take permission from customers and then post them so that prospective clients understand the kind of work that you do. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages allow customers to write on your product pages. This way the review looks genuine and not made up. One can certainly take advantage of these options while looking to expand their business. It is important to tell the clients from what perspective you need the reviewers so that they can write accordingly.

Update Your Website Regularly
One of the mistakes that business owners make is that they are initially excited about setting up the website and they update the details. Once a client base builds up, they fail to keep their website updated and get busy working. This is not a great way because prospective customer might visit the website looking for some details. In case you have shifted your office or changed your phone number and it is not updated on the website, that customer might be lost. Therefore, updating the website regularly is one of the important steps for attracting more client base. Also, the website should be light and must not take a long time to load with images and videos that use up lots of data. The website should also be easy to navigate for these users. There are many hosting providers that offer website options at very cheap prices. One can sign up and create their own website by seeking their expertise.

Though all of this sounds like hard work, it is relatively simple to set up all these options and use them effectively for attracting more business.

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