Time For A Spa–“Cation” With Your Girlfriends!

spaFor many of us a Spa visit is a chance to pamper ourselves and feel refreshed. These days a spa visit has become an essential part of a vacation. Even a visit to exotic India is a cause for a spa trip, and a body spa in Chennai should be added to your to do list. Spas now offer complete Bridal Services too. Recent surveys have shown that the Spa industry have recorded a boom in its revenue collection. Studies have also shown that the spa industry will be growing at twice the rate of global tourism in the next two years. This is cause for big celebration for the Spa industry.

The best way foremost way of staying on top of this boom is to first determine the clientele of the spa industry. According to recent surveys the demographic of the clients belong to one of the following groups:
· Women travellers have made spa trips a mandatory part of their vacations, especially if they are travelling together.
· Most of the visitors belong to the age group of 46 to 55 years, followed by people between the years of 36 to 40.
· Interestingly 47% of the visitors to spas are men.

An interesting twist added to the old and tried method is the introduction of “Spa Travel”. This has become very popular among women going for a trip with their girlfriends. Some clients have even turned it into a tradition by passing it on to the next generation says Barrington, a Virtuoso travel advisor. A spa vacation is the answer for an escape from today’s stress filled everyday life. Today’s modern spas have become more appealing to couples looking for experiences to share together. There have been many scenarios of a reluctant spouse getting hooked onto spa trips after being dragged in for the initial visit by their partner.

time-to-spa_1Since the boom of the Spa industry, every spa is on the lookout to make their offers more desirable than the next one. The venues also play a huge role to create the right ambience for the spa clientele as well. Some spa resorts are popular for their use of natural and organic ingredients like vanilla and monoi oil. This heightens the experience of the customers and prompts them to make future appointments. Signature treatments are also offered which are specific to the locale and create an exotic feel. A manicure-pedicure session for girlfriends at a spa is the perfect way to catch up on all the latest happenings in each other’s lives.

Spa Resorts are willing to be flexible to their clients by offering half day stays rather than a full day. The option of customized treatment sessions will make any spa client swoon on their feet and make reservations for the whole day. The calming effect of a peaceful spa trip is something that every client is promised by a spa. Food arrangements are also made at Spa resorts to cater and indulge their customers. So take your time and book yourself in at the nearest Spa resort for a full day of treatments and you can feel like a king or queen for the day.

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