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Mar 23

Not a Mouthpiece

By Kevin Roland | Fun

Even though the Rajya Sabha TV (RSTV) has consistently been relegated to the background as far as the Television rankings are concerned, if honesty, fairness and objectivity are anything to go by in the makeups of these rankings, then it is without qualms that the Rajya Sabha TV is actually making giant strides in the Television industry.

narendra modiThey are in the known for providing quality deliberations on government policies and strategies, and have been of immense help to the citizenry. What actually caused this dwindling of popularity was their inability to adequately telecast the International Yoga Day, which was spearheaded by the Prime Minister himself, Mr. Nerendra Modi, and the subsequent hullaballoo and criticism this issue generated on Twitter.

The accusations and criticisms were not only rained on the TV Ssation, but also on the owner of the station, Mr. Hamid Ansari, who currently is the Vice President appointed by Congress, and ironically happens to be a Muslim. The pleasing news was that immediately this problem arose, he laid down corrective measures to calm down nerves, and this received tremendous approval.

But the other twist to this story is that both all the news channels as well as the entertainment stations were admonished to inculcate the International Yoga Day in their programs for the day, to which all the stations accepted. Unfortunately, the RSTV decided to go against this directive from the government and failed to give the occasion the mileage that it deserves.

So it is somehow justifiable to side with the punitive measures the BJP has taken against both the channel and its owner. The Congress-led UPA have also added their voices as far as the incessant accusations of RSTV are concerned.

The UPA was bedevilled with a 2G scam as well as a tumult involving crony capitalism, and without doing extensive research on the issue, RSTV progressed to hold discussions on this issue by both the opposition BJP as well as members of the party in power.

BJP FlagIn light with the Constitution that gives credence to the separation of powers by the Executive, Judiciary and Legislature, the stations that are ran by the Legislature are only accountable to Parliament, and not even the government of the day.

This means that they cannot operate as the spokespersons of the government of the day. But it is quite unfortunate to note that the government has consistently been meddling in the affairs of Parliament as far as the management of these channels is concerned. This is because government wants such channels to be their mouthpiece, so that they can always project a positive image about the government of the day.

Not quite recently, the RSTV came under intense brickbats when an allegation of overspending was levelled against it. This was brought to bear as portions of the media alleged that a total of Rs.1700 crore was overspent by RSTV for a period of four years.

The reality of the situation is that if a TV station is always not in the good books of the party in power, then it could only mean one thing – that the government is not stamping utmost authority on the operations of these channels.