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Jun 30

Why Your Company is after too Many Bad Sales Leads

By Kevin Roland | SEO

Most companies are noted for chasing bad sales leads, mostly due to the fact that they fail to do proper due diligence on a particular sales leads. When they chance upon the least of opportunities, they always approach them with knee-jerk reactions, without considering the pros and cons of the so-called opportunity.

The mistake that most companies make is that, they fail to critically look at each sales lead before accepting it, then afterwards they just pass them on to the sales department. When such a situation happens, your product may not be able to make the expected impact, as it might not be ready to be on the market.

Bad Sales LeadsTo buttress this point, research indicates that about 61 percent of businesses always send their sales leads to the sales team, and the unfortunate thing is that only about 27 percent of these leads actually yield positive results.

Too many business sales leads will surely be a sheer waste of time to your sales team, and the probability of missing the right sales lead will also be very high. This is because once your sales team is surrounded by mediocre sales leads, they will definitely miss the opportunity to consider the perfect sales leads.

But the reality is, you still have the chance to turn the tables around by considering the following important factors. One very important thing that you have to do is to ask legitimate questions about each sales lead you receive, so you will be able to know its attendant merits and demerits.

The blunder that most companies usually commit is to consider every sales lead to be the same, and therefore pass any of them they encounter to the sales team. But the reality is, no two sales leads are exactly the same – each comes with its peculiarities, and therefore should be treated based on its merits. In this way, the sales team will always be surrounded with the right sales leads.

This is also a means of prioritising you sales leads, and ranking them based on their significance to your business. By asking sales-related questions, you are also beginning to build trust and a cordial relationship with members of the large business environment, not forgetting the fact that you will also have the opportunity to have advanced knowledge on the various proposals and prospects you have in store.

prospective buyersFurthermore, make sure you don’t give your prospective buyers enormous pressure with the questions you ask them. Make it a point to ask those questions that they will feel comfortable about, so that they can explain their business situation to you. It will also give you the opportunity to properly analyse the business structure of the prospects and also allow you to make informed decisions on your product.

Moreover, irrespective of how great the negotiations are going, you have to follow up on the phone. When you get a sales lead via the website or through the email, and the response from the side of your prospects appear to be very favourable, you just have to make an effort to follow up through the phone, to establish the “human nature” in relationships.

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Apr 23

Are You Clueless About CPQ?

By Kevin Roland | SEO

Configure Price Quote (CPQ) is fast becoming one of the most essential parameters as far as the Salesforce environment and cloud computing are concerned. This is primarily because of its ability to cause the sales cycle to be transfigured. Therefore for the progress of the Salesforce community, it is vital to have a very fair idea of how CPQ operates.

CPQ is important from the onset of the business, once you notice an opportunity or even merely an interest, and there is the need to take your prospects through the sales cycle efficiently and within the shortest possible time. This is basically done by developing a complicated quote. It also ensures that your sales users are given the products they seek at the correct prices as well as showcase the opportunities available.

CPQ ImageThe advantages that CPQ provides are enormous. It makes sure that you are able to sell more to your prospects. Because it is well automated, it catalyses the selling process and gives you the opportunity to sell more of your products within the shortest possible time. It does this by ensuring that the templates of the quotes and the input data can be accessed with ease.

It is unreasonable to assume that your sales team actually knows any current promotion that is ongoing. The relevance of CPQ is to automate this phenomenon by setting several rules. One of such rules is the recommendation rules that causes a rise in the total quota of your sales team by giving various selling opportunities.

Moreover, CPQ allows you to sell in a smart and well-guided fashion, owing to the fact that the complex quotes are developed in a timely manner. By the correct use of the validation rules, only relevant products for your prospects are authenticated for them to be selected.

This saves the time your prospect has to spend in running through the various products located in your catalogue. With CPQ, you are confident that all the quotes leaving the company have the right pricing, best product combinations, as well as within your set discount rates.

CPQ systemFurthermore, another importance of CPQ is the fact that it is uniform and accepted worldwide. The use of a CPQ system that is centralised ensures that irrespective of the location of your users in the world, they will be exposed to the same quote templates, price books as well as your own set standards.

Every CPQ system has a rationale behind its use, and it is also equally important to know when and how to use any type of CPQ solution. But generally, the CPQ system is usually used by companies that have a minimum of hundred sales people, even though it can also be used by small enterprises, but with a different approach.

Sales persons usually spend most of their time developing quotas and sales plans. The use of CPQ will make sure that your sale team does not spend productive time to input simple data, which might not even yield the desired results because of the hectic nature of the job. Therefore CPQ, as the acronym accentuates, configures, prices your products and develops quotas.

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