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Feb 11

The Fundamentals Of Internet Of Things Explained

By Kevin Roland | Blog


Smart cities, smart cars, smart refrigerators, smart TVs are some of the common terms that are making the round in the world of Internet of Things (IoT). It is the connection between objects and internet. The word smart refers to an efficient experience. Top automation companies in Chennai are equipped to offer smart home experience to their clients. The Benefits of Internet of Things has to be understood to adapt to the change. The latest from the world of IoT is updated on, your source for tech buying advice.

IoT could be a confusing terminology for an everyday consumer. The debates that surround this technology could intimidate the users leaving them to wonder if this trend is necessary for daily life or could it make things more complicated. For those who want to know more about IoT and how it could be used in day to day life as well as the real-time challenges that shroud the technology is described in this article. Before that, IoT is defined as a technology that can monitor and control inanimate object using the internet or through your mobile app.

There are wide ranges of categories that can be IoT friendly like light bulbs, home appliances, wearables, etc. The technology can be used across verticals from healthcare to retail to hospitality to logistics and more. The objective of IoT is an efficient use of the appliance or technology and saving on utility bills. For instance, you can remotely turn off your air-conditioner or heater irrespective of your location through a mobile app. You can also set the temperature of the air conditioner for bedtime.


Know the technology
The device is connected to the internet with the help of various wireless radios. Now the device is internet connected. The technology could be anything from WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID, NFC, Zigbee, etc. You can create a central hub to control various devices or exclusive connections as well. The cloud computing technology is used to collect data from these devices to monitor and control their actions using mobile apps.

Connectivity between devices
Different companies are working on IoT, with technology majors like Google, Apple, Samsung, LG, Philips and Lowe taking the lion’s share. Apart from these there are startups also focusing on the concept. It is also researched by Gartner, a research group that over 25 billion connected devices will be in use by 2020, whereas the recent figures stand at 4.9 billion. With so many groups working on the technology, it is not easy to make all devices connect with each other seamlessly.

Privacy and security issues
With so much of data collected by each device, the privacy and security issues are looming large. People worry about the potential risk of their personal data being leaked and getting into the hands of miscreants. The regulations have to be in place to mitigate the risk.

The work is on to create open standards to promote interoperability among products. But the challenges that lay ahead are intense. The standards issue is not sorted out with three or four standards coming up instead of one. The problem can be tackled by getting a single hub to support various wireless technologies.

Feb 03

The Need For An Interior Fit Out Company

By Kevin Roland | Blog

Interior Fit Out Company

What can an interior fit out company do to our organization? Find out here in this article.

The role of the interior fit out company is tremendous. They work in making the workspace to look good, beautiful and unique. Interior Fit out companies in Qatar provides these services. They also give certain best office makeover tips. We need not hire interior designers as the fit out companies can do the job of interior design too. These people are trained to work in office spaces. They are aware of the challenges they would face, financial issues, timing of work etc. As states interior fit out companies reduce the expenses of doing an office redecorating.

Stick To Your Budget
Interior fit out companies try to make your workplace look and feel good based on their need. They save your money and time by effective planning and budgeting before they take up the project. They are aware of the ins and outs of the products needed to make the office look trendy and classy. They try to choose eco-friendly products to make your company Green. The designers see that they strictly stick on to the budget of their clients.

Shift from Old Boring Offices to Trendy Workspaces
The first process done by the contractors are requirement gathering from their client. Design should be based on customer needs. Interior fit out companies hold a discussion with their clients at the beginning of the project. They try to gather information like:


· How does the client want the finished space to look like?
· Visions of the client’s organization
· Financial Constraints
· Target customers who will visit the organization

Based on the user’s requirements the designers start to work. They are unique as they think different. They try out all the possibilities to make the workplace look professional and unique. They have access to merchandise all over the world. Thus your office is transformed into a new place with a wow factor. The transformation of the workplace can be visualized. This may lead to attracting new customers for your clients.

Decors and Colours Do the Job
The designers have a good flair over the selection of colours for the various kinds of stuff used. The colours they opt will make the workspace lively and unique. Furniture is picked based on the space available and also based on their need. Choosing apt furniture is a key for efficient interior design. Decors can make our office more spacious and open. Clients’ preference and needs will be taken into account before purchasing the furniture. They will strictly adhere to the budget of the organization though the furniture may look trendy.

We can clearly understand the role of an interior fit out company. They can just replicate our vision and needs in their unique style. We can expect a good look and feel to our workspace. It is evident that the new classy space has attracted new customers to the organization. Thus they can compete with their rival company. The workers of the organization have the urge to work better in this new workplace which makes them feel better.

Nov 15

Time For A Spa–“Cation” With Your Girlfriends!

By Kevin Roland | Blog , Spa Guide

spaFor many of us a Spa visit is a chance to pamper ourselves and feel refreshed. These days a spa visit has become an essential part of a vacation. Even a visit to exotic India is a cause for a spa trip, and a body spa in Chennai should be added to your to do list. Spas now offer complete Bridal Services too. Recent surveys have shown that the Spa industry have recorded a boom in its revenue collection. Studies have also shown that the spa industry will be growing at twice the rate of global tourism in the next two years. This is cause for big celebration for the Spa industry.

The best way foremost way of staying on top of this boom is to first determine the clientele of the spa industry. According to recent surveys the demographic of the clients belong to one of the following groups:
· Women travellers have made spa trips a mandatory part of their vacations, especially if they are travelling together.
· Most of the visitors belong to the age group of 46 to 55 years, followed by people between the years of 36 to 40.
· Interestingly 47% of the visitors to spas are men.

An interesting twist added to the old and tried method is the introduction of “Spa Travel”. This has become very popular among women going for a trip with their girlfriends. Some clients have even turned it into a tradition by passing it on to the next generation says Barrington, a Virtuoso travel advisor. A spa vacation is the answer for an escape from today’s stress filled everyday life. Today’s modern spas have become more appealing to couples looking for experiences to share together. There have been many scenarios of a reluctant spouse getting hooked onto spa trips after being dragged in for the initial visit by their partner.

time-to-spa_1Since the boom of the Spa industry, every spa is on the lookout to make their offers more desirable than the next one. The venues also play a huge role to create the right ambience for the spa clientele as well. Some spa resorts are popular for their use of natural and organic ingredients like vanilla and monoi oil. This heightens the experience of the customers and prompts them to make future appointments. Signature treatments are also offered which are specific to the locale and create an exotic feel. A manicure-pedicure session for girlfriends at a spa is the perfect way to catch up on all the latest happenings in each other’s lives.

Spa Resorts are willing to be flexible to their clients by offering half day stays rather than a full day. The option of customized treatment sessions will make any spa client swoon on their feet and make reservations for the whole day. The calming effect of a peaceful spa trip is something that every client is promised by a spa. Food arrangements are also made at Spa resorts to cater and indulge their customers. So take your time and book yourself in at the nearest Spa resort for a full day of treatments and you can feel like a king or queen for the day.

Oct 15

Why Local Businesses Need Local SEO?

By Kevin Roland | Blog

local-seo-citationsThe world we live in today has grown very competitive, and the tendency to outdo each other shows no signs of abating. This rat-race is even more evident in the business sector, where organizations like retailers, companies, etc. are constantly vying with each other for the spot at the top. The playing fields have undergone a tremendous degree of change in recent years; markets are no longer confined within the boundaries of cities and countries. Even business organizations in remote cities and towns have started applying Online marketing techniques like SEO strategies to find buyers outside their usual customer-base.

This upsurge in the interest in online marketing has prompted many of the business houses in economically emerging nations like India to explore newer avenues in International markets. This trend is now prevalent not just in the metropolitan cities, but even in smaller towns and cities. A local business no longer competes only with other local businesses. But you have to fight out with the global players. To do so, your business must contact an SEO firm that specialises in Local SEO.

One of the best ways for local businesses to harness the power on the World Wide Web is to go in for a branch of SEO marketing that targets customers based in particular locations. Local SEO is emerging as a substantially effective form of localized online marketing. By applying Local SEO strategies, online marketers can help small regional businesses to promote their products and services to customers residing in or around the same location. These people use various search engines and online directories, for example Yelp, to aid in their quest for local stores and retailers offering the products they are looking for. Local SEO effectively and prudently utilize these sources to re-direct these people to the companies in that area.

There are several reasons for the growth in Local SEO tactics. Increase in the number of people surfing the net to find information related to their needs is the main one. Apart from this, there is also an increase in number of people using smartphones containing apps that help find local businesses. People now prefer to watch the news than read it, which has caused a major decline in print advertising, and has paved the way for online marketing. Another factor is Google’s love for providing customized results, based on location and past preferences. Google provides free tools like Analytics and Webmaster to people owning businesses for the exclusive purpose of helping them increase their online visibility.

Business owners will need to put in a bit of effort from their side to make Local SEO work. They will need to list their business in various, local online directories. Special care should be taken to ensure that the directories themselves cater to the people living in the vicinity of the business and that the name, address and contact details are all accurate. Also, encourage customers to post relevant and positive online reviews.

If done well, Local SEO will change the way local business operate.

Jul 28

Ideas For Marketing Your Interior Design Business

By Kevin Roland | Blog

2-keep-budgetRegardless of whether you are an interior designer who loves modern designs or someone who loves the traditional style of designing a home, it is important the clients you get understand your expertise and you get more business. Not only local audience, your business should attract national and international audience as well. There are so many interior design companies in Doha that offer their services to customers. How you stand apart from and distinguish yourself from others define the unique client base you would have. There are certain steps that one can follow to improve their clientele. Check out for tips

Get Your Business Online
There are so many options that allow you to post advertisements and promotion for free. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are very helpful to attract more clients. There are so many pages on these platforms that promote specific areas of interest. One of the pages called Houzz has many posts about interior design and also features designers. There are so many followers who look for interior designers from these pages. One can post photographs of their work and this will act as a gateway to attract customers. It is estimated that more than 70% of homeowners look to renovate their home and about 40% of them are considering building new homes. This is a huge client base that can be targeted by connecting with them on a personal level. Since it is also easy to use, there is no need to be an expert in using computers or the internet to get going.

Target Audiences Through Advertisements
Other options are Google Ads that help in reaching clients. One of the main advantages of using google ads is that it sends location based advertisements. Advertisements reaching the right local audience help in marketing your business better. Many interior designers also provide online interior design consultations via Skype or other facilities. Google Ads is an inexpensive option to play ads on the web page that the user is viewing. One can also choose to play the advertisements to outstations audiences also so that they get an opportunity to travel to different locations. The only pre-requisite is that a Google Ad expert has to be hired in order to do this for you. If you are tech savvy and you are aware of doing this yourself, you could save the extra bucks.

Exhibit Your Expertise
Whether you are into the interior design of residential, commercial or office spaces or offer consultation online, it is important to establish your expertise so that customers believe that you are a good designer. Some options could be writing a blog post about tips for interior designing. This is one of the best methods to connect with potential customers and attract a large client base. Attending conferences, community fairs is also another option to widen your business. Partnering with one of the local interior design stores is also a good option for promoting your designs. These are the perfect choices for getting a broad client base without spending lots of money. You can also tie up with stores across the country so that you can reach a national level audience.

Understand The Power Of Reviews
To buy any items, these days’ people read reviews and decide on whether to buy it or not. Therefore, you can use the same reviews from your customers on the social media pages for attracting more customers. You can take permission from customers and then post them so that prospective clients understand the kind of work that you do. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages allow customers to write on your product pages. This way the review looks genuine and not made up. One can certainly take advantage of these options while looking to expand their business. It is important to tell the clients from what perspective you need the reviewers so that they can write accordingly.

Update Your Website Regularly
One of the mistakes that business owners make is that they are initially excited about setting up the website and they update the details. Once a client base builds up, they fail to keep their website updated and get busy working. This is not a great way because prospective customer might visit the website looking for some details. In case you have shifted your office or changed your phone number and it is not updated on the website, that customer might be lost. Therefore, updating the website regularly is one of the important steps for attracting more client base. Also, the website should be light and must not take a long time to load with images and videos that use up lots of data. The website should also be easy to navigate for these users. There are many hosting providers that offer website options at very cheap prices. One can sign up and create their own website by seeking their expertise.

Though all of this sounds like hard work, it is relatively simple to set up all these options and use them effectively for attracting more business.

May 08

Efficient Tips for Home Network Storage Options

By Kevin Roland | Blog , Network Storage

Network Storage OptionsStoring your data on a local computer is a tedious task for home computer users. Usually we have an enormous collection of files and data in our personal computer for many years. In least case if the personal computer which you have stored all the data for so long has been corrupted, it will be a drastic thing to manage the loss of data. You will be at a point of losing all the information unless you have a backup.

Worthy Remote Storage

To handle this issue we have many services like Cloud Solutions India that has a common method to store your data in a remote secured place. So there will be no need of worrying about the data loss or buying new hard disk each year. There are many services available to do this job for you; it is very cost effective while compared with the value of hard disk or other external devices. To sum up these points remote storage offers services like,

Storing your personal data in a remote place
Security for your data storage will be very high
You will have access for your data from anywhere

Possibilities of Storing Your Data Manually

It you don’t want to spend money in cloud storage, you can do the sharing process by yourself but you should have sound knowledge and experience in network administration. So you can have your own area network to manage your devices and data. It might not seems as a big issue while you have limited amount of data but once you started to save all your high quality movies and pictures in your local computer it occupies large amount of space and also the speed of your system too gradually decrease.

Be Your Own Network Manager

This process is little tough to implement, it is a bit similar process to local area network method. If you use two or more devices in your home, it is not the better idea to store your data separately in each of the computer. To solve this issue, you can make a shared hard disk method; make a single computer as primary storage and share the data to all other devices in your home. By using this way you can reduce the redundant data copies of your files like photos, movies, videos and documents. Also it will be helpful to share your applications from one device to other.

Know the Varieties Storages

The next major tips for storing the data in a single remote computer is choosing the type of storage the data should be stored. One is primary storage and other one is secondary storage. The primary storage of your remote computer is directly accessible to all the devices you connected to that computer; there will be no protection to your data which has been stored in the primary storage of your computer. The secondary storage data is the space the other peer computers use. They are able to copy the files from the primary storage for instance. Those secondary data can’t be shared with any other device. It won’t be connected with the other computer, ensure the data you share with other systems because if the primary device got corrupted it cannot be retrieved from any other system.

Backup Your Data Regularly

When you are storing large amount of data in the local computer it is very dangerous to store all your data in a single computer there are lot of chance to lose your data. So it is better to have a backup of your entire data in another computer. There is lots of chance to lose your information for example:
May your files got corrupted by virus
Sudden power failure of your device
Natural disaster like flood
Someone may delete the data of your computer
Hence it is very important to backup in weekly or daily basis. Automatic backup are also available in the network of local systems. There is some old method of taking backup like CD or DVD, but we have many new method of backup such as storing data in a server or connecting the system with the cloud solution.

Extra tips for Startup Companies

tips for Startup CompaniesFor small business companies the home storage method will be very helpful, they have lot of data and device to share the services and application. The usage of fetching data from a remote computer is a necessary process for them. In this case it is advisable for them to prefer cloud computing where they can store their data in a remote location and also they can use the data from any remote place of the world. But in personal storage we cannot share or access our applications from any remote devices it is one of the disadvantage of this process.

Storing the data in the internet through blogging is one of the methods of storing your documents if only the documents are not restricted to share. By sharing your files in blogs and social media you can have a virtual backup of your data. But the information you store in them can be viewed by other persons even though you put some security on them. Find a reliable cloud storage service so you will be able to share your personal data with them without any doubts. The cloud storage service uses many algorithms to secure the data from hackers and natural disasters. So it is advisable to go for cloud storage for large set of data.