Privacy Policy

We are happy to have you visit our website in your effort to find information and other services. This website has been built with plenty of security features intact to make sure that your confidential information remains practice at all times. There are a few terms in the privacy policy that you need to be aware of, in order to make sure that no one has access to any information about you without your knowledge. The staff at the website would like to give you complete assurance that any data or information given to us will be treated confidentially and not shared with any third party. However, please not that we do have plenty of advertisers who put up their ads on the website. If you click on these ads and end up sharing information with them, please note that this website is not responsible for what they might do with the data. Extreme caution is always advised while sharing any personal information with third party vendors.

Our website boasts of an active forum where you can partake in discussion on different topics with members from all over the world. However, please be discreet while sharing information on the public forum or with any of the members. Since the website has no way of checking whether each member is who they claim to be, it is always safer to withhold personal information and stick to the discussions on the forum board. The website will be collection information pertaining to your visits to the website in an effort to improve the website and your browsing experience.