May 08

Efficient Tips for Home Network Storage Options

By Kevin Roland | Blog , Network Storage

Network Storage OptionsStoring your data on a local computer is a tedious task for home computer users. Usually we have an enormous collection of files and data in our personal computer for many years. In least case if the personal computer which you have stored all the data for so long has been corrupted, it will be a drastic thing to manage the loss of data. You will be at a point of losing all the information unless you have a backup.

Worthy Remote Storage

To handle this issue we have many services like Cloud Solutions India that has a common method to store your data in a remote secured place. So there will be no need of worrying about the data loss or buying new hard disk each year. There are many services available to do this job for you; it is very cost effective while compared with the value of hard disk or other external devices. To sum up these points remote storage offers services like,

Storing your personal data in a remote place
Security for your data storage will be very high
You will have access for your data from anywhere

Possibilities of Storing Your Data Manually

It you don’t want to spend money in cloud storage, you can do the sharing process by yourself but you should have sound knowledge and experience in network administration. So you can have your own area network to manage your devices and data. It might not seems as a big issue while you have limited amount of data but once you started to save all your high quality movies and pictures in your local computer it occupies large amount of space and also the speed of your system too gradually decrease.

Be Your Own Network Manager

This process is little tough to implement, it is a bit similar process to local area network method. If you use two or more devices in your home, it is not the better idea to store your data separately in each of the computer. To solve this issue, you can make a shared hard disk method; make a single computer as primary storage and share the data to all other devices in your home. By using this way you can reduce the redundant data copies of your files like photos, movies, videos and documents. Also it will be helpful to share your applications from one device to other.

Know the Varieties Storages

The next major tips for storing the data in a single remote computer is choosing the type of storage the data should be stored. One is primary storage and other one is secondary storage. The primary storage of your remote computer is directly accessible to all the devices you connected to that computer; there will be no protection to your data which has been stored in the primary storage of your computer. The secondary storage data is the space the other peer computers use. They are able to copy the files from the primary storage for instance. Those secondary data can’t be shared with any other device. It won’t be connected with the other computer, ensure the data you share with other systems because if the primary device got corrupted it cannot be retrieved from any other system.

Backup Your Data Regularly

When you are storing large amount of data in the local computer it is very dangerous to store all your data in a single computer there are lot of chance to lose your data. So it is better to have a backup of your entire data in another computer. There is lots of chance to lose your information for example:
May your files got corrupted by virus
Sudden power failure of your device
Natural disaster like flood
Someone may delete the data of your computer
Hence it is very important to backup in weekly or daily basis. Automatic backup are also available in the network of local systems. There is some old method of taking backup like CD or DVD, but we have many new method of backup such as storing data in a server or connecting the system with the cloud solution.

Extra tips for Startup Companies

tips for Startup CompaniesFor small business companies the home storage method will be very helpful, they have lot of data and device to share the services and application. The usage of fetching data from a remote computer is a necessary process for them. In this case it is advisable for them to prefer cloud computing where they can store their data in a remote location and also they can use the data from any remote place of the world. But in personal storage we cannot share or access our applications from any remote devices it is one of the disadvantage of this process.

Storing the data in the internet through blogging is one of the methods of storing your documents if only the documents are not restricted to share. By sharing your files in blogs and social media you can have a virtual backup of your data. But the information you store in them can be viewed by other persons even though you put some security on them. Find a reliable cloud storage service so you will be able to share your personal data with them without any doubts. The cloud storage service uses many algorithms to secure the data from hackers and natural disasters. So it is advisable to go for cloud storage for large set of data.

May 06

Safeguard your Home While on Vacation

By Kevin Roland | Network Storage

Safeguard your Home While on VacationDuring the holidays, we are very busy and excited to plan for trips to hill stations, beaches or any other adventure visits but we often forgot to safeguard the house while we are in vacation trips. It is not a pessimist talk but we should not forget the essential things to do before planning for a long trip. When you have taken the necessary measures before travelling there will be no need to worry or regret about certain important things like switches, pipes, gas and so on. You can avoid the feeling of insecurity by doing this.

There are many new technologies available in the market to secure your belongings with automation methods. Here is a list of automation techniques help you in protecting your home from robbers or any natural disasters.

Automated Lighting System

automated lighting systemThe automation technology has enhanced rapidly, there are number of services available to maintain the lighting and switching system of your home. Delfin is one among the famous lighting service which helps you to manage your electric lights and switches with automated technology. This system helps you to switch off the light automatically when you leave the home and switch on when you enter into a room so it saves the electric power energy a lot and you need not worry about the power wastage when you go for long trips. They also saves the power from getting short circuited, hence you will be free of your unnecessary worries. You can find more information about the services in the website of automated lighting services.

Hiring a pet sitter

Hiring a pet sitter in IndiaMost of the houses now a days have pets in their home. It is quite difficult to take care or feed them while we plan for a long trip. To sort out this issue there are many pet sitter services have grown in major cities. They will take care of your pets like cats, dogs, fishes and so on. They also provide services like watering your plants and clean the mess in your house in daily or weekly basics. Sparta pet sitters are very popular service among the world for taking care of your pets during your absence.

Maintain Your Mail Properly

It is very important to manage the posts you get for postal department. May many companies implement their communication system through emails but still we get some important hard copies of bills and posts. Else we have to maintain the newspapers or weekly magazines, for this issue you can inform to the postman or services to stop their posts temporarily otherwise you can get help from your neighbors or friends to collect all those mails when you are unavailable at home for long period. In case if you forgot to intimate them about your absence you may miss some important notifications from your office or government.

Check Your Doors

You may think that this is very obvious but many of us do little blunders in this. In case if you forget to close a window of your rooms this often leads to some issues. There are plenty of chances for pests and insects to get into your house. If dog or cat finds the way to travel into the home, it is enough to make a mess before you return from the journey so be cautious to lock the doors and windows of your home. Some people think of ventilation to the long time locked home, it is also a necessary point to keep in kind. So you can use any net kind of thing to cover your windows so it will protect your home both from insects and lack of air.

Install a Security System

Security System in Indian homesThis security system will be very needful to protect your home even you go for a small trip. It has an alert system, which passes you a message through applications to your smart phone if it noticed any abnormal presence or change happens in your home. With the aid of this alert system you can easily find out the mishappenings at your home. This gives you a great relief about the protection of your home. As we all know it well, prevention is always better than cure.

Protect the Tanks and Pipes

Leaving the tanks empty when you are going for a trip is not an advisable one. In case of any emergency, water is a must thing to save your house from any major disasters. So fill the tank when you leave the home for the journey, and it is also very important to check the leakages in the pipe so that the water you saved in the tank will remain the same when you come back to the home. You will be probably tired while returning so better to ensure that you will be free once you return back.

Secure the Costly things and Have a Spare Key

Secure the Costly things and Have a Spare KeyAs insists the ultimate important thing when you leave your home alone is protecting the valuable things like jewelry and currency. Lock the lockers and don’t forget to have spare keys, in case if you miss the keys during the travel there will be no need to panic about the loss. Adding a security system to your lockers will be a better idea to give utmost protection to the valuable things.

These are just safety measures to follow when you go for a long trip, it is not all about thinking in a negative way if unfortunately one of these things happens to our home we have to be ready to tackle them. Utilizing the services available in technology is a good one to lead a modern life.

Salesforce Developer
Nov 23

What Does a Salesforce Developer Do?

By Kevin Roland | Salesforce Developer

I had an Opportunity to interact with Jabaraj who is the Senior Salesforce Trainer, Consultant in Chennai. Here are a few golden nuggets from the conversation. The salesforce developer has the primary task of controlling and handling the salesforce software suite. This software is created in such a way that it can be integrated into the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, because it is the software that runs all aspects of the CRM.

A salesforce developer can ensure you build a strong and solid force that can run riots in the business world. The software will also help you meet all your business needs, taking into consideration your customers, the current technology, among a host of other things.CRM Globe

The work of the salesforce developer is to help customise this software such that your customer relations can be improved and managed in an efficient manner. Making your CRM more efficient is paramount to the success of your business because it allows you to maintain and improve upon the relationship you have with your customers.

The software also has a variety of applications that can be used in diverse fields due to the touch of flexibility that has been added to it. The employment of a salesforce developer will make you realise the many customisation options you can implement in your business structure. Some of the applications are discussed below.

sales cloud applicationsThe sales cloud applications still continues to be the most popular CRM applications across the globe as so many businesses have implemented it for the enhancement of their customer relationship as well as increase the potentials of their businesses.

This applications makes good use of the technology of cloud computing, and this adds a different touch to its mode of operation which is different from the other CRM applications.

Another CRM applications that is also very influential is the service cloud applications, and it is all about developing the connections you have with your customers. It also helps you to make proper use of the various social media platforms.

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Jun 30

Why Your Company is after too Many Bad Sales Leads

By Kevin Roland | SEO

Most companies are noted for chasing bad sales leads, mostly due to the fact that they fail to do proper due diligence on a particular sales leads. When they chance upon the least of opportunities, they always approach them with knee-jerk reactions, without considering the pros and cons of the so-called opportunity.

The mistake that most companies make is that, they fail to critically look at each sales lead before accepting it, then afterwards they just pass them on to the sales department. When such a situation happens, your product may not be able to make the expected impact, as it might not be ready to be on the market.

Bad Sales LeadsTo buttress this point, research indicates that about 61 percent of businesses always send their sales leads to the sales team, and the unfortunate thing is that only about 27 percent of these leads actually yield positive results.

Too many business sales leads will surely be a sheer waste of time to your sales team, and the probability of missing the right sales lead will also be very high. This is because once your sales team is surrounded by mediocre sales leads, they will definitely miss the opportunity to consider the perfect sales leads.

But the reality is, you still have the chance to turn the tables around by considering the following important factors. One very important thing that you have to do is to ask legitimate questions about each sales lead you receive, so you will be able to know its attendant merits and demerits.

The blunder that most companies usually commit is to consider every sales lead to be the same, and therefore pass any of them they encounter to the sales team. But the reality is, no two sales leads are exactly the same – each comes with its peculiarities, and therefore should be treated based on its merits. In this way, the sales team will always be surrounded with the right sales leads.

This is also a means of prioritising you sales leads, and ranking them based on their significance to your business. By asking sales-related questions, you are also beginning to build trust and a cordial relationship with members of the large business environment, not forgetting the fact that you will also have the opportunity to have advanced knowledge on the various proposals and prospects you have in store.

prospective buyersFurthermore, make sure you don’t give your prospective buyers enormous pressure with the questions you ask them. Make it a point to ask those questions that they will feel comfortable about, so that they can explain their business situation to you. It will also give you the opportunity to properly analyse the business structure of the prospects and also allow you to make informed decisions on your product.

Moreover, irrespective of how great the negotiations are going, you have to follow up on the phone. When you get a sales lead via the website or through the email, and the response from the side of your prospects appear to be very favourable, you just have to make an effort to follow up through the phone, to establish the “human nature” in relationships.

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May 23

Music Playing Games Are Fun to Play

By Kevin Roland | Fun

Music is now an element that has become an essential part of human development, because of the fun associated with it. It is an indispensable tool that you can never do away with, as it is virtually everywhere you find yourself. It is played in houses, in the cars, and even at the workplace as a source of entertainment, and as a means of releasing tension.

Music playing games are the perfect games for people who are so much into music, as they are offered the opportunity to decipher ways and means of making their own music with the numerous instruments at display in the game. Instruments like guitar, violin, trumpets, among a host of others, can all be found in the game and you have the opportunity to learn the different combinations of those instruments that would make the most melodious sounds.

playing Music gamesYou can now do something distinct of your own, and probably make money out of it. The good thing is that, with music making games you have the prerogative of selecting the instruments you prefer, and the nature of the sounds and effects you wish to portray. It is a way of replicating the music you so much cherish.

Some people are not necessarily good with making sounds, but then they are very talented when it comes to proper editing of music, and such people will also find music making games very supportive. This is because there are games that will allow the music to be played in the background, and all you have to do is to be concerned with the editing of the sounds.

The graphics and the visual effects associated with such games are very attractive, and it keeps players in the wonderland as they are usually under the impression of really playing the instruments. Interestingly, it also gives you the opportunity to thoroughly learn your favourite instruments with notes and a series of tests on the instrument.

These games can be played with kids, especially those who lack ample time to teach their kids about the rudiments of music. It is a very good opportunity for your kid to have a good foundation as far as quality music is concerned. Even if your kid plays the game on his or her own, it is at least good to know that your kid is actually engrossed in something worthwhile.

Music gamesMusic making games also gives you the chance to develop your music skills. You can comfortably play the drums, touch the piano with efficacy, or play the violin with strength and vigour, and by the time you realise, you are on the market seriously looking for such instruments to buy, so you can put into practice what you learnt in the game. These games have been designed to properly simulate the sound that emanates, to make it more appealing and realistic.

It gives you an oversight of how it feels like to play certain kinds of instruments, as well as the distinction between the different kinds of instruments. So why don’t you get yourself a music making game in order not to be left out of the excitement.

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Apr 23

Are You Clueless About CPQ?

By Kevin Roland | SEO

Configure Price Quote (CPQ) is fast becoming one of the most essential parameters as far as the Salesforce environment and cloud computing are concerned. This is primarily because of its ability to cause the sales cycle to be transfigured. Therefore for the progress of the Salesforce community, it is vital to have a very fair idea of how CPQ operates.

CPQ is important from the onset of the business, once you notice an opportunity or even merely an interest, and there is the need to take your prospects through the sales cycle efficiently and within the shortest possible time. This is basically done by developing a complicated quote. It also ensures that your sales users are given the products they seek at the correct prices as well as showcase the opportunities available.

CPQ ImageThe advantages that CPQ provides are enormous. It makes sure that you are able to sell more to your prospects. Because it is well automated, it catalyses the selling process and gives you the opportunity to sell more of your products within the shortest possible time. It does this by ensuring that the templates of the quotes and the input data can be accessed with ease.

It is unreasonable to assume that your sales team actually knows any current promotion that is ongoing. The relevance of CPQ is to automate this phenomenon by setting several rules. One of such rules is the recommendation rules that causes a rise in the total quota of your sales team by giving various selling opportunities.

Moreover, CPQ allows you to sell in a smart and well-guided fashion, owing to the fact that the complex quotes are developed in a timely manner. By the correct use of the validation rules, only relevant products for your prospects are authenticated for them to be selected.

This saves the time your prospect has to spend in running through the various products located in your catalogue. With CPQ, you are confident that all the quotes leaving the company have the right pricing, best product combinations, as well as within your set discount rates.

CPQ systemFurthermore, another importance of CPQ is the fact that it is uniform and accepted worldwide. The use of a CPQ system that is centralised ensures that irrespective of the location of your users in the world, they will be exposed to the same quote templates, price books as well as your own set standards.

Every CPQ system has a rationale behind its use, and it is also equally important to know when and how to use any type of CPQ solution. But generally, the CPQ system is usually used by companies that have a minimum of hundred sales people, even though it can also be used by small enterprises, but with a different approach.

Sales persons usually spend most of their time developing quotas and sales plans. The use of CPQ will make sure that your sale team does not spend productive time to input simple data, which might not even yield the desired results because of the hectic nature of the job. Therefore CPQ, as the acronym accentuates, configures, prices your products and develops quotas.

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